Cathedral Greek School



Year 2019-2020 

Registration is now open for Cathedral Greek School! Our engaging and effective offerings will continue even stronger for 2018-2019 with a mission to nurture the love of students for the Greek language, culture, traditions, and community.


The Program

Our Greek School program introduces fresh teaching methodologies and enriches the curriculum with new activities and resources. The program follows a holistic approach, combining traditional teaching with interactive learning to best achieve language objectives and cultural immersion.    



Program Pillars

Play-based & traditional teaching methods

Customized homework and classroom activities

Weekly in-class workshops on reading, writing, and oral communication

Systematic student, teacher, and school progress monitoring & evaluating

Weekly teacher-parent and bi-weekly principle-parent communication (online & offline)

Weekly visual updates through privately shared online photo album with student activities

Cutting edge and engaging educational resources from Greece (leveled readers, books, educational games, supplementary teaching material, online resources, literature books, dictionaries, DVDs and CDs

Social studies-based reward system that combines recognition of progress and social studies discussion

Engaging Greek language and culture activities

Music Theater Social studies

Arts & Crafts

Kinetic Games

Traditional Dances Team Activities 



Preschool class from 2.5 years old because lasting language learning starts early

Music Classes in Greek (3 levels: Beginners (for kindergarten), Intermediate, and Advanced Greek language level) because music is a fun & highly influential teacher Intensive

Classes in Speaking, Listening, Reading, & Writing (Intermediate and Advanced Greek language level) because focused & intensive classes yield fast results

Ellinomatheia Certification (for advanced students) because certifications matter to our professional success

Adult Classes (3 levels: Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Greek)

Discussion Group: learning Greek and about Greece through newspaper clippings, poems, book abstracts, song lyrics of influential Greek composers, important Greeks’ short bio's etc.) because lifelong learning is the key to our personal development 



BROCHURE:  Download our Greek School Βrochure to learn more about our exciting program. Share the brochure with a friend so they can join your family at our Cathedral Greek School!

REGISTRATION:  Register your children today for this year's exciting program. We also have adult classes. Remember that it's never too late for your children start and never too late for an adult to learn Greek. Click on the links for Greek School Registration and Adult Greek School Registration.

CALENDAR:  Each year we have a variety of events planned for our Greek School children. Click on the link below for a Calendar of this year's events so you can plan your schedule for the coming year.