Our Parish History

The journey to organize the Annunciation Cathedral community began around 1890 when a group of Greek immigrants organized and formed the Plato Society with the purpose of helping the growing number of immigrants gather for fellowship, education, and worship.  The first Liturgy was celebrated for the group in 1890.  In 1899 a concerted effort was undertaken to establish a more permanent religious community and began holding regular services.  In 1903 the leaders of the community formally formed a parish becoming the sixth official parish in the United States.  Services were held in a rented hall.  In 1907 they purchased a building and formally became the Annunciation parish holding services and a parochial school until 1924.  In 1916 they purchase the land in which a new church building was built (1923-24) in a classical revival style.

In 1923 Fr. Joakim Alexopoulos was elected the first bishop of Boston and the parish was designated a cathedral, one of the first cathedrals in the United States.  Bishop Joakim later became Metropolitan of Demeriados.  Additionally, three other clergy serving the Cathedral have been elected bishops; Fr. Athenegoras Cavadas became the Bishop of Boston, the first Dean of Holy Cross Theological School and later Archbishop of Thyateira.  Fr. James (Iakovos) Coucouzes became Bishop of Melita, and from 1959 to 1996 Archbishop of North and South America. In 2014, Fr. Cleopas Strongylis was elected Metropolitan of Sweden.

From the 1923 til today, nearly 100 years, the community has gathered for worship in the same facility.  In the early 1970s the parish purchased a plot of land in Brookline, which now houses a small chapel, Cathedral offices, the Cathedral Center Hall, and the Metropolis of Boston offices.  By the grace of God, the parish nears 120 years and looks forward to serving the faithful of Boston for many more years to come.