Annunciation Cathedral Youth Ministries & Activities

The mission of our annual youth activities and events is to gather our families and children together to offer faith based and family friendly activities, discussions, and opportunities for fellowship. Our youth activities are engaging and interactive, offering time in which families can grow and bond together in unity with other families and friends throughout our community. Youth events offer the space for our children to freely meet new friends, grow and cultivate life-long relationships with old friends, and join in on exciting and fun-filled activities that help foster teamwork. While many of our family events are intended for youth of all ages, the Cathedral also recognizes the need to minister to each individual age group according to their experiences, challenges, and vocation. It is our hope that through our effort to minister to our youth, our children can grow and cultivate a life-long relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and become active members of His body in the spirit of faith, hope, and love.  


Family Activities & Events


The Annunciation Cathedral hosts various family activities throughout the year. Our annual Fall Festival, Gingerbread-Decorating Night, Family Game Night, and Ski Trip to Pats Peak are just some of the many events that the Cathedral Youth Committee hosts for its families and youth. Family-centered events offer an opportunity for both parents and children to build relationships between other parents and children. Family activities are fun and engaging, purposely planned for youth of all ages, and help facilitate friendships between our young people. Games, ice-breakers, snacks, drinks, and music help cultivate a comfortable enviornment for our children to socialize and interact with each other. Our family activities also provide the opportunity for families to enjoy distraction-free time with each other, so that each individual family unit can spend quality time together in an Orthodox-Christian setting. If you have never been to a family or youth event before, please join us and take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to explore this community build ministry. We look forward to hosting you at our Family activities and events!



The mission and goal of GOYA (Greek Orthodox Youth of America) is to guide and lead our young people (specifically ages 12-18) towards a meaningful and transforming relationship with Jesus Christ. The hope of our GOYA ministry is to give our children the tools necessary to continue their journey towards salvation, and to aid them in all things necessary towards becoming sacramental members of our community. GOYA is intended for children currently in or entering middle school and high school.  Throughout these formative years of development, children are embarking on a journey not only towards Christ, but also to their individual vocations in the world. GOYA events allow for our children to explore their faith in relation to the social contexts and experiences related to their journey toward's finding a Christian identity in the 21st century.

GOYA events and activities derive from the creativity and ideas of our GOYAns. Icebreakers, games, and thoughtful discussions on the faith are facilitated by our youth ministry team. Every GOYA initiative builds off of the pillars of service, faith, worship, and love. Through these most important virtues, the GOYA of the Annunciation Cathedral continues to grow and develop, and life-long friendships are made!